• O'Hara - White Rose Flower Bouquet - Flourish by Charlene



O’hara represents a new beginning. A fresh start.

White roses represent innocence, purity and youthfulness. The white O’hara rose has a slight blush centre which complements the pink tulips well.

2 choices of roses: O’hara (scented-seasonal 3 days in advance order

or Kenya light pink roses

Small: 3 stalks of roses, 3 tulips
Medium: 6 stalks of roses, 6 tulips 
Large: 12 stalks of roses, 12 tulips 
Grandeur: : 24 stalks of roses, 24 tulips

At Flourish by Charlene, we pride ourselves on our bespoke, custom made, unique flower arrangements.

We will do our very best to capture as closely as we can the spirit of this arrangement, but please know that seasons and availability take a role in the arrangements we create and this can vary on any given day. 

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