• Premium Phalaenopsis- Award-winning - Flourish by Charlene

Premium Phalaenopsis- Award-winning


Exotic and graceful, this award-winning beauty symbolized love, beauty and strength.

Our specially hand-picked species of elegant arching sprays of blooms will have between 12-20 blooms, a rare sight for phalaenopsis orchids. Please specify in confirmation note preferred colour: white OR purple- subjected to availability. They can last for 1.5 months to 2 months if care is provided as listed below:

Watering: Water once every 7-10 days. Overwatering will result in early plant wilt.
Sunlight: Avoid direct sunlight. Good and bright indoor environment is preferred.
Temperature: Ideal temperature range from 25-28 degree celsius.
Humidity: Phalaenopsis is very sensitive to extreme humidity. Humidity level must be maintained at 50% to 80%.
Location: An airy and breezy location without direct sunlight is ideal. To moderate humidity, a cup of water can be placed beside the plant.
Extra Note: Phalaenopsis thrives in clean and spacious environment. It will age and wilt prematurely if it is exposed to ethylene or cigarette smoke.